Hi, I’m Faith Ulsh, Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Licensed Professional Counselor, providing teletherapy services,

and I’m Glad You’re Here

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In my sessions, you are the focus, and your goals are the priority. We will work together to promote healing, self love, honesty, and positive change in your life.

Types of Therapy

Individual therapy for young/emerging adults, adults, and older adults. Treatment for mental health diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, grief/loss and other life transitions.

Mind Body Approach

Science is showing us more and more the deep and proven connection of the mind and body. We will work to rediscover that connection in you, and foster the way our body and mind take care of each other.

Therapeutic Orientation

I utilize a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to promote self knowledge and self understanding. We will also focus on the mind body connection, utilizing skills such as mindfulness and psychosensory responses to promote healing from the inside out.

You Are Not Alone

Feeling Lost? Not Sure Where To Turn? Does it All Seem Overwhelming?

There is a way forward. No matter how overwhelming it may seem, through my experiences and an endless compilation of resources, we can make strides. I'm going to be honest, it may not be easy - but through goal setting and planned steps there is a way out. You can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life and enhance your experiences of work, love and play.

You Are Number One

Quality care that fits your lifestyle can truly make ever lasting changes.

Together we will discuss the right direction for you, at the right speed. Therapy can be hard work - and it’s not only for severely affected patients, it’s about becoming more self aware. Therapy can be an effective treatment, but it can also be preventative. The future is positive and fulfilling.

its about you not me

I am deeply invested in reaching your goals

Often our lives become so busy that we find ourselves with little time to reflect. I am here to carve out a little time with you to be sure that you are reflecting on the past, current and future circumstances in your life and how you can be more aware of your part. Relationships, careers, traumas and all kinds of stressors affect us all the time. Together we can work toward what makes your life healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling.

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Experienced in teletherapy

The year 2020 has provided many of us with life altering aspects.

While remaining essential, teletherapy services can be access and utilized from your own home. While our environments may have changed tremendously, we can adapt and overcome. You can begin or continue working on your mental health from your own home. With both experience and training, my aim is to create a safe working environment online for you to communicate your needs as well as build a connection. Online therapy can be beneficial for your wellbeing, time management, and addition to your new self care routines during these times. All sessions and transactions will be handled virtually and online. Please see the FAQs page on teletherapy or contact Faith for any questions or issues regarding teletherapy services.

let's remove the stigma

will Experience mental illness in the next year

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The Process

let's connect, have an introductory chat, and see if it's a good fit. if so, and we can move forward in this journey together. the following is a process I like to follow with my clients:

initial discussions

our first few online meetings will include an initial intake where we discuss important details of your life and what brought you to therapy, a well as establish your goals. these meetings are built in a way to promote trust in our relationship, and create healthy momentum towards your healing and recovery.

in the here and now

our sessions will primarily cover current pressing situations and psychoeducational skills that are aligned to what you are seeking therapy for. I encourage continuous conversation regarding the flow and direction that you want each session to take. This is about you, and I am here to walk along side your journey

moving forward

in my view a person at all times in their lives can use therapy as a healthy tool for well-being and continual self-awareness. I am happy to meet on a schedule that works for you in order to maintain a happy balance

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I Listen To Your Needs Above All Else

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