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se electronics v pack arena drum mic package review

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I hope you enjoy the mic review/breakdown for the SE Electronics V Pack Arena drum mic set! Here’s what he found out in this Real-World Review…. In fact, I got a sound that was a little too thick when I mounted the mics on the tom-tom’s mounting support arms—those isolating Gauger Percussion RIMS systems. I mounted the V Beat tom mics right on the drum rims and elevated them as far as the goosenecks could reach. sE Electronics: V PACK ARENA Mic Kit Reviewed by Adam Kagan. With some thinner snares, I found the EQ balance of the V7X to be much more likable, adding punch where it was sorely needed and where a 57 would need some help. With that in mind, compared to your typical 57 close in and up top, the V7X offered a good bit more bottom-end and a good bit less hi-mids, just as you might expect. Two voicing switches allow four different tones and increased versatility. sE Electronics’ V Pack Arena gives you all the microphones you need to mic up a drum kit and make it sound great. Needing a gentler sound, I tried the V Kick with Classic settings and found an abundance of mids, less thump and less click. A pair of mic clips and windscreens are provided. By Rob Tavaglione. Contact Us We're here to help. OK, I’m still stuck on a 57 for snare top, but I would gladly blend in a V7X to improve on that sound. I found myself missing some of that crisp 57 snap, but the V7X had a lot more punch and more hi-hat rejection, so it’s a taste thing. For snare, there’s the V7X, a super-cardioid dynamic instrument type mic (it looks like a handheld vocal mic with a tapered handle) with the similar DMC 7X capsule, a no-roll windscreen (a hex-like shape stops the mic from rolling on a flat surface) and a standard mic clip. Contact your Sales Engineer. Two sE8 small-diaphragm, cardioid condenser mics are included, with in-house gold-sputtered diaphragms, two levels of switchable attenuation (0, -10, -20 dB) and two levels of high-pass filtering (flat, 80 or 160 Hz). Those tom mounts are stout and tough, as are all the windscreens, tightening nuts, pivots and mic clips, all in a sturdy case that’s ready to hit the road. on the V BEAT “On close-mic'd snare, this broad low end boost really brought out the depth of the drum…in mixing, I found I could easily dig out the tones I needed.” “While the sE mics output an almost identical level to an SM57, the transient response of the sE is better, which gives the sE … I started testing with a good old rock ’n’ roll tracking session and the Arena pack was a natural fit. Add your review for sE Electronics V Pack Arena Drum Microphone Package at Sweetwater!! Just a touch of EQ and I had a sound quite different than with the Modern settings. In this video we go over how the mics sound naturally and then how they sound by adding a little EQ and Compression. There are a lot of secondary snare miking positions (underneath, overhead, a 451 taped to another mic), but many of us start with a SM57 placed up top. Contact Us Need Help? With a little EQ, I was able to achieve all the sounds I needed from this kit. This 7-piece microphone kit is designed to mic an entire drum … Real-World Review: sE Electronics V Pack Arena Drum Mic Kit. Additionally we go over the different mic settings you can put on the V Kick mic and how the drum mix sounds in context with a track.Big thanks to SE Electronics ¶ Toni Scherrenberg for lending me these mics.Check out the mics here - Check ut Rosalvo Melos album here - usedSE Electronics V Pack Arena MicsFocusrite Scarlett 18i20Tama Starclassic Birch BubingaEvans Drum HeadsPromark SticksZildjian CymbalsPro ToolsWaves \u0026 Fab Fiter-\r\rTo keep up to date with my new music videos please like and subscribe to my channel:\r\r\rFollow me on my website and social media:\r\r\r\r\r Update my browser now. Here at sE, we enjoy our share of whimsy, slapstick, and all manner of tomfoolery. Published: September 30, 2019 ⋅ Updated: November 20, 2020. The capsule is well suspended in a small yet sturdy body, with a strong spring/steel mesh windscreen and a particularly sturdy stand-mount swivel joint that allows “straight-in” inside-drum placement, or 90-degree “in-the-hole” placement. I got a better sound with less proximity effect cellulite, although I still wished those goosenecks were an inch longer.

Macroeconomics Chapter 1 Ppt, Panera Mediterranean Grain Bowl With Chicken Recipe, Lemon Garlic Cod Pasta, Romans 13:10 Meaning, Feso4 Ionic Or Covalent, Are Holy Days Of Obligation In The Bible,