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convert in a sentence

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He was still allowed his liberty, but one night while supping with Walsingham's servant he observed a memorandum of the minister's concerning himself, fled to St John's Wood, where he was joined by some of his companions, and after disguising himself succeeded in reaching Harrow, where he was sheltered by a recent convert to Romanism. Existing licensees will have six months to convert their existing licenses. Since Alexandria could neither have been stormed nor starved out by the Arabs, his motives for surrendering it, and with it the whole of Egypt, have been variously interpreted, some supposing him to have been secretly a convert to Islam. He was born of heathen parents at Tabatha near Gaza about 290; he was sent to Alexandria for his education and there became a convert to Christianity; about 306 he visited St Anthony and became his disciple, embracing the eremitical life. In 1931, it was decided to discontinue live performances and convert the hippodrome into the Plaza Cinema. Verandah suites: These rooms have two beds that convert to either a queen bed or a king bed. Adjustable laptop holder to convert a laptop computer into an ergonomic desktop workstation. The sample also demonstrates how to convert easting northing values in the coordinate space of the view, into latitude/longitude values. Acids convert it into the O-oxime (benz-syn-aldoxime) which melts at 125° C. When distilled under diminished pressure the 0-form reverts to the a-modification (see Beckmann, Ber., 1887, 20, p. 2766; 1889, 22, pp. Most modern pal DVD players convert NTSC into the PAL format. In 1813 he was joined by a colleague, William Milne, and in 1814 baptized his first convert. Warasdin is the seat of a district court, and possesses an old castle, a cathedral The Contracting Powers which do not at present own perfected mines of the pattern contemplated in the present Convention, and which, consequently, could not at present carry out the rules laid down in Articles i and 3, undertake to convert the materiel of their mines as soon as possible so as to bring it into conformity with the foregoing requirements. One of the most common alterations made to older houses with pitched roofing is to convert the loft space into a habitable living space. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. It has a remarkable retarding effect on the hydration of the calcium aluminate, and consequently on the setting of the cement; thus it is that a little gypsum is often added to convert a naturally quick-setting cement into one which sets slowly. Rep. 6 Bengal, 39 2, 45 6, 49 8), and it has also been applied to settle controversies between Hindus and missionaries as to the custody of a young convert (R. He appears to have been a (not very enthusiastic) convert to Christianity. 2 It is often supposed that the Naga (serpent) chiefs rule countries in or under the water, and in Kashmir a submarine serpent-king became a convert and built churches. calibrated to measure the ' old ' pennies placed round the church, and also convert them into ' new pence ' . It is the practice in Great Britain to burn pure gypsum at a low temperature so as to convert it into the hydrate 2CaSO 4 H 2 O, to soak the lumps in a solution of alum or of aluminium sulphate, and to recalcine them at about 500° C. On grinding they give Keene's cement. For multiplication by a proper fraction or a decimal, it is sometimes convenient, especially when we are dealing with mixed quantities, to convert the multiplier into the sum or difference of a number of fractions, each of which has i as its numerator. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. But a Buddhist convert thinking "she does not understand," said to her, "My good girl, I myself have no such medicine as you ask for, but I think I know of one who has.". When liquefied acetylene is allowed to escape from the cylinder in which it is contained into ordinary atmospheric pressure, some of the liquid assumes the gaseous condition with such rapidity as to cool the remainder below the temperature of - 90° C., and convert it into a solid snow-like mass. cupriferous pyrites roasted to convert the copper into soluble sulphate, which is the active agent, are worked into the wet pulp spread out on the floor. Taking out your aggressions on tackling people, hitting a tennis ball, or kicking a soccer ball can help you convert some of the feelings you have into positive actions. When danger of foreign intervention cast its threatening shadow across the national path, he went to England, and by his famous addresses did what probably no other American could have done to strengthen the spirit in England favourable to the United States, and to convert that which was doubtful and hostile. If a priest becomes a convert to the Church of England he need not be re-ordained. calcine the ore to convert any sulfides to oxides. If you are overwhelmed at the number of photos you have to convert into layouts, follow this game plan to complete your album quickly. But the fact of a government levying so general a charge may be held ipso facto to convert the charge into a tax, having much the same economic effects and consequences as a tax. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Asoka, the king of Magadha or Behar, who reigned from 264 B.C. In a process called "tanning", mechanical and chemical treatments preserve the skins and convert them to leather. These operate by electrostatic induction and convert mechanical work into electrostatic energy by the aid of a small initial charge which is continually being replenished or reinforced. Christianity was essentially a proselytizing religion, not content to appeal simply to one class or race of people, and to be one among many faiths, but believing in the falsity or insufficiency of all others and eager to convert the whole world. Because the nutrients that cats need are already present in whole prey, their systems do not convert and produce necessary nutrients from their foods, but rely on the prey's digestive system to do this for them. Zip-off pants that convert from regular slacks to shorts are ideal for everything from hiking to fishing, and you'll find them in plentiful sizes. To convert defeat into victory. Charles was to receive from Louis ~20O,00O a year and the aid of 6000 French troops to enable him to declare himself a convert, and to obtain special advantages for his religion, whilst he was also to place the forces of England at Louiss disposal for his purpcises of aggression on the continent of Europe. On these grounds Peter complains that, when he was setting out for the Gentiles to convert them from their worship of many gods upon earth, the Evil Power (KaKla) had sent Simon before him to make them believe that there were many gods in heaven. Though we can convert the whole of the energy possessed by any mechanical system into heat, it is not in our power to perform the inverse operation, and to utilize the whole of the heat in doing mechanical work. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. After this, quarrels arose between the negus and Bermudez, who had returned to Abyssinia with Christopher da Gama and who now wished the emperor publicly to profess himself a convert to Rome. Oxidizing agents, such as arsenic acid, convert it into ellagic acid, C 14 H 8 0 9 +H 2 0, probably a fluorene derivative, a substance which occurs in gall-nuts, in the external membrane of the episperm of the walnut, and prob ably in many plants, and composes the "bezoar stones" found in the intestines of Persian wild goats. In this sense alone quinine is a tonic. From there, they absorb the sun's rays and convert them into power for the building. All prices are in pounds sterling - use the currency convertor to convert to your local currency. One of them, "John Fisher," who had his sphere at Oxford, succeeded in making a convert of young Chillingworth, and prevailed upon him to go to the Jesuit college at Douai. It is also possible to convert biomass to other forms of useable energy, such as methane, biodiesel, and ethanol. Bridges Adams, the intention being by " fishing " the joints to convert the rails into continuous beams. Your best bet may be to convert a regular bra into a nursing bra. Did men in the House of Commons suddenly convert to the cause of the suffragist movement? Then, you will need to convert the tiff files to postscript. Next week will see a serious session with the Jim crow to convert the switches from right to left. He then journeyed to Wittenberg, where he was advised by Martin Luther to cast aside the senseless rules of his order, to marry, and to convert Prussia into an hereditary duchy for himself. About 1878 an unsuccessful attempt was made to convert Arandyelovats into a popular health-resort.

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