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coles 4038 mic

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The Coles 4038 is a uniquely designed ribbon microphone that is extremely high quality. Coles 4038: As we'd anticipated from the 'BBC' mic, the results were lovely and smooth, but it still captured all the detail well. 4030L. Well, even though the price is $1050 or so, it was very hard to pack it back up and send away when my trial time was up. I would strongly recommend a Latch Lake Mic King 2200 for use with a pair of Coles 4038's on a Stereo Bar DSPdoctor - I use the Latch Lake micKing 2200 Big Foot stands, but when I have a pair of 4038's on a stereo bar, I think it's best to add a 2nd counter weight to the stand. The 4038 from Coles is a studio ribbon microphone that was originally developed by the BBC as a broadcast microphone. It had a very nice body, with a lovely, solid mid-range. The mic has a bi directional polar pick up pattern and will pick up frequencies in between 30 Hz and 15 KHz. Thus the STC 4038 became the Coles 4038, which it remains to the present day. The Coles is a ribbon mic, built in the UK by STC to the specs established by the BBC ages ago and imported by Wes Dooley and company at AEA. The Coles was smooth, with controlled mids, and the top end wasn't phasey. What do I think of the Coles 4038? SO HOW DOES THE COLES 4038 SOUND? It has a shape unlike any mic I have seen before and has the sound to match it. The Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone is designed and used for recording such sounds where a clear smooth wide range frequency response, absent of transient distortion and relatively high sensitivity is essential. I have had my (matched) pair of Coles 4038 for about three months in the studio now and feel confident to judge the mic and write this review that will hopefully be helpful for some of you. Functionally this means that, as … There are a vast number of alternatives available in the ribbon microphone market, but these are one of the classic designs and have been around for ages. This blind Ribbon Microphone shootout features the Shure KSM 313, Royer R121, Coles 4038, and AEA R84 - all four of which are eligible for our three-year extended warranty. A perceived exaggeration in one area might simply be because another area isn’t unnaturally hyped. In fact, the BBC / STC design team intended the 4038 to become the principal studio microphone for the BBC É and that it did. Very good indeed for a wide variety of users. This kind of response is widespread among ribbon microphones – the Coles 4038 is no exception. Interpreting a microphone’s frequency response graph is an exercise in relativism. 2. But not a single bit of the design has changed since then. Coles 4038. In addition to providing audio clips of each microphone, we explain the importance of mic placement during more precise A/B comparisons. The 4038 continued to be manufactured by STC until 1972, when they outsourced the microphone work to Coles Electroacoustics, a small British firm that had been set up in 1964 by two former STC engineers. COLES MICROPHONES - Studio ribbon. The most well-known are the legendary 4038 studio ribbon microphone, and 4104 and 4115 lip microphones. The result was the Coles 4038 studio microphone. The reverse side of the mic, on the other hand, resulted in a tightly-controlled, brighter version of the same character, which we felt should sit fantastically in a pop mix. However, even when we applied a low‑cut filter, we felt it was a little too dark on some phrases, slightly lacking in life on dynamic changes, and also lacked the … Recognized for its wide, flat frequency response and high sensitivity, the 4038 quickly became a valuable tool in the recording studio as well as broadcast applications. Coles Electroacoustics is a very long established manufacturer of specialised microphones and other acoustic transducers.

How To Beat Dark Souls 3, Panzanella Without Tomatoes, Orwell And Tolstoy, Residential Building Plans Pdf, The Jetty Salcombe Afternoon Tea, Collagen Benefits For Skin,