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bioshock 2 walkthrough

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Apart from that, I've prepared a complete list of Plasmids, Gene Tonics and Audio Diaries. It will gun down both Splicers. And since it's electricity, it's particularly potent for any enemies standing in water--simply aim anywhere at the pool and fire to give them a shock. Just beware a Splicer who'll be waiting for you in the hall on the right as you exit if you do choose to open it. Kill and loot them all. Notes: As the game progresses, blue zones become very small. Through the game recommends drilling through, it's better to melee through it instead to conserve fuel. Sinclair will walk out of his hiding place, look at you, promise you greatness, and then board the train. Now plug the key into the slot on the left. The Shotgun is the best possible weapon at close-quarters besides the Drill. Effect: Causes a targeted Splicer or Big Daddy to become hostile to nearby enemies. They're weak, so almost any weapon should be able to destroy them quickly. Bioshock 2 is bigger, badder, and big daddier than its predecessor. Use your Telekinesis power to pick up one of them up, then throw it into the center of the group. Now follow the hall past the giant glass windows to a door that'll open on approach. As soon as you enter Skid Row, you'll spot a Big Daddy engaged in battle with a Big Daddy--leave them alone, as they'll inflict some heavy damage before he has the chance to kill them. Remember, if you run out of ammo, there's a vending machine on the lower floor. Once they're down, we recommend dropping to the lower floor and using the Freeze plasmid to keep Simon in place while you wail on him. Notes: Unless you keep messing up while hacking, don't equip this. Effect: You equip active Gene Tonics in Gene Tonic Slots. One strategy that we found to be particularly potent was to circle the statue in the center of the room continually, shocking the water on the floor whenever the Big Daddy is near to easily stun him. As you clamber down the stairs inside the Plasma Therapies entrance, hang a left and get ready to drill a Splicer that emerges just after the corpse he throws. With the Big Sister down, make sure to check her corpse for some goods, then follow the Quest Arrow back through the Park Entrance to the train station. Now try out your new Plasmid on the frozen entryway on the left side of the hall to find another Gatherer's Garden inside, as well as some frozen goodies you can dethaw. In the back-right of this exhibit is an opening leading to a giant hand. Loot the containers, then hack the Safe. Macintosh PC Xbox 360 Macintosh Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4. Try to make the oxygen tank explode; this'll do a lot of damage to her. Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Bioshock 2 Game Guide: Proceed up the pink staircase ahead to find some coral blocking a pathway. With the pipes destroyed, follow the Quest Arrow left along the walkway to the waiting elevator, which concludes your adventures in Rapture…for now. There's also a Corpse and an Audio Diary. Now beware that he doesn't stay shocked as long as the Splicers, so it's important to work quickly. With the room clear, interact with the Signal Relay in the center of the stage. Uh-oh, Splicers are en route! Loot the bodies, then proceed into the actual “Hall of the Future” exhibit. Now a Quest Arrow should appear that leads to the final one. Just beware that a Splicer will be waiting for you back around the corner if you collect the goods there. To the left of the white thing of concrete is a catwalk leading into another building. After the Big Sister has departed, there are some good items to collect. Hack the Security Camera from afar. Loot the Rivet Gun for some Rivets. You have a few moments before they come, so we recommend lining both staircases with Trap Rivets if you have them, and mini-turrets (there's one already on the walkway). So you wanna kill a Big Daddy, huh? The Quest Arrow will lead you right to the final Signal Relay in a flooded room containing a camera--either hack or destroy it, then deal with the Relay in the left corner.

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